Edublogging, take one

The first time I read an edublog was the 2007-08 school year (dy/dan, of course), and I was immediately fascinated by the way Dan Meyer reflected and collaborated about his teaching practice. I wanted this for myself, but with my wife pregnant with our first child, I thought that I should wait until I figured out the whole parenthood thing before starting. Smash cut to 8 years later where I still have not figured out parenting, but have at least learned enough to realize that there is no time like the present.

At many points in my early career, I was young enough to think I knew everything about teaching, but I’m now long past the point where I feel like Ygritte’s words were meant for me. Because I know that I know nothing, I am not foolish enough to put a direction on this edublog, but I’m quite curious to see what will capture my attention. My educational foci have changed a lot since I started teaching: from classroom management to Complex Instruction to the implementation of reform maths curricula to alternate assessment practices to mathematical modeling and back to status.

Even though I currently feel the most knowledgeable about Complex Instruction and its components, for the last year and a bit, I have been even more obsessed than normal with the mistakes in learning. I’ve always talked a lot about mistakes to my students, but for whatever reason, it just kept coming up in my brain and classroom this past school year. So with that in mind, it feels comfortable to name my edublog accordingly. As W.S.Anglin once wrote about mathematics: “[it’s] not a careful march down a well-cleared highway, but a journey into a strange wilderness, where the explorers often get lost.”

Let’s see how lost I can get…


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